• From the Ace Bed home page, click on the products button.  Click on the product you are looking for and then click on store locations.  Select the province, city, and district.  A list of stores offering the product in the area will be displayed. 

  • Most single beds do not have two separate mattresses but some models of the Super Single mattress offer two mattresses.  The reason two mattresses are good is because heavy impacts are partially absorbed by the bottom mattress.  Even though the Double Size mattress has only one mattress, it was designed to handle strong impacts by properly distributing weight thanks to its smaller mattress area.

  • Not every mattress made by Ace is soft. We are producing many types of mattresses for our customer’s various body types and sleeping conditions. For people who have never slept on a mattress before, the best choice is the Club Ace or Duo Tech mattress which is more firm.
    For people who have slept on a mattress for a long time, a soft mattress will be more comfortable. However, there are some manufacturers who take pride in having mattresses harder than what Ace offers but you need to make sure they are using the right interior materials. There is a possibility the mattress is hard because the wrong interior materials are being used. If you sleep on a mattress that is too hard, the blood does not circulate properly making you feel uncomfortable when you wake up.

  • The results of the Ace Bed R&D Institute show that a hard mattress is better than a mattress that is too soft, but a mattress that is too hard is not good either.  When the mattress is too soft, muscles are tense and do not relax so when you get up you still feel tired and the lower back can hurt.  It is also an obstacle to deep sleep as more energy is required to turn in the bed. 
    When the mattress is too hard, you cannot feel true comfort and is an obstacle to proper blood circulation preventing deep sleep.  Most hard mattresses offered by other companies do not contain enough interior materials.  These mattresses do not allow for proper air circulation, cannot control moisture and are less durable.  Basically, the best mattress should have firm support springs maintaining the proper S-line and have enough interior materials to make the mattress feel soft providing true comfort while properly distributing body weight.
    Ace Bed offers firm support in a soft and comfortable mattress that matches to every body type and weight because of the interior materials we use.  Our mattresses were designed following tests and research using the latest testing equipment including Compuman at the Ace Bed R&D Institute.

  • Theoretically, the most suitable mattress is when you lay down, you could draw a line from the shoulder bone, to the pelvic bone, to the knee that is the straightest possible.  Generally, the right way to choose a mattress is the one you feel most comfortable after laying down on a variety of mattresses which will match to this straight line.   

    When your body becomes close to a straight line when lying down on the mattress, it means you are the most comfortable. We are operating the Ace Bed mobile sleep R&D institute offering free consultations to customers to help them decide on the proper mattress by measuring their sleeping condition, spine curvature, and body weight distribution when lying down on a mattress using the latest scientific equipment.

  • Among various soft and hard mattresses, the hard mattress is better. However, this is not the right mattress. A too soft mattress hurts the lower back since the proper S-line cannot be maintained because the hip area sinks down. A too hard mattress does not offer proper comfort and is obstacle to good blood circulation.
    The most ideal mattress maintains the right body shape with the springs providing firm support and is not an obstacle for blood circulation and is comfortable using high quality interior materials as well as being hygienic.

  • People spend a large portion of their day in bed but many never consider the hygiene of the mattress.  The mattress is a breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, and mold because of the right temperature, moisture and an ample food base.  Approximately 1000 dust mites grow in one gram of indoor air.  They grow from a food base of skin particles and dandruff, mold or fungus, food crumbs, and dead insects.  Their excrement is a major factor in respiratory diseases such as asthma, nasal inflammations, skin allergies such as atopy, and conjunctivitis.  Of course it’s dangerous for adults but it’s even more dangerous for children since they have lower immunity.  Ace Bed’s s antibacterial material, Microguard, allows you to ensure your mattress continues to be sanitary safeguarding against the growth of bacteria and mold as well as dust mites. 

  • The most ideal mattress is the mattress that offers good support in the middle and provides comfort on the surface.  However, the main factor determining good support in the middle of the mattress is the springs.  While people sleep they expend a lot of energy expelling 200cc’s of sweat while turning during sleep.  The biggest factor in determining how much energy you spend is support (repulsive power) and that support is determined by the springs.  Support from the spring is the critical factor in determining deep sleep by spending less energy while sleeping.
    The main factor determining comfort on the surface of the mattress is low elasticity and high density.  The self-molding foam used in Ace Bed’s mattresses minimizes repulsive force where the skin meets the mattress without leaving any gaps.  This is the latest material that has greatly improved the weak points of latex.  Pressure is reduced and not only helps blood circulation; it also offers comfort without tossing and turning.

  • (1) One mattress
    ● One mattress is very basic without a foundation that distributers body weight for the top mattress.
    ● In Europe and the U.S., two mattresses are considered basic and it is hard to find a single mattress.
    ● A single mattress is an anomaly that can only be found in Korea and Japan where people used to sleep on hard floors.
    ● Most large furniture manufacturers and small mattress manufacturers that don’t have the facilities to make two mattresses use subcontractors to make the mattresses for them trying to rationalize that one mattress is firm and solid.
    (2) Two mattresses
    ● Distribution of 40% of impacts
    Support with one mattress quickly degenerates and when impact is made, it is hard for the mattress to recover but the two mattress foundation system distributes over 40% of impacts. 
    ● Two layers of springs provide double support
    Two mattresses offer excellent comfort with the power support spring from the top and support from the bottom of the foundation springs
    ● 1.5 longer life length
    Two mattresses differ from one mattress which only provides good support at the beginning of use.  Life length is longer with two mattresses since support is provided from the top and from the bottom.
    ● Choice of the world’s top hotels
    From a long time ago, aristocrats from Europe and the U.S. have chosen two mattresses.  This is why the world’s top hotels use two mattresses.
    (3) Comparison between two mattresses and one mattress
    One mattress is just like the rickshaw where impacts are directed to the wheels.  This means all body weight is directly transferred to the mattress since there is no foundation to distribute the weight.  A single mattress that is not impacted much is okay, but a mattress used by two people should be two mattresses.  Beds with frames that have ribs do not properly absorb impacts so it is just like a truck rumbling down the road.  The ribs do absorb and distribute some of the weight, but it is weak and therefore impact is felt through the mattress.  Ace Bed’s two mattresses are just like riding in expensive automobiles perfectly blocking impacts through the advanced suspension system.  The power support spring exclusively made for the foundation (patent pending) evenly distributes weight offering true comfort just like riding in luxury automobiles.

  • For other furniture in the home, the design is very important but when choosing a mattress, function is more important.  If ergonomics are not considered for other furniture in your home, it will not impact your life, but if you do not choose the right mattress that incorporates the latest sleep science, it may impact on your health.  People who just choose design over form from regular manufacturers find themselves disappointed and will later choose the right mattress a from company specializing in making scientific beds. 
    When newlyweds choose their bed, they should concentrate on their health and comfort first.  If the couple is uncomfortable in bed, it can make the relationship uncomfortable as well.  Ace Bed’s mattresses equipped with a double function including four levels of hygiene treatment and five kinds of power springs promise a great night’s rest.

  • The Microquard case is located on the left side of the upper portion of the mattress.  If you were lying down on the mattress and stretched your right arm out, and reached to the side of the mattress, you would find the case. 
    This is not an air hole that is surrounded by a gold cover.  The case is round white plastic with a long slit in the middle.  Use a coin and turn it to the left to open the case.  Put the sticker with the month mark in the middle and then close the cover and change it once every year.

  • If the surface of the mattress gets soiled, you can use a mild detergent applied to a brush and rub out the soiled area.  If you cannot get rid of the soiled area, you can contact a professional mattress cleaner.